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"I grew up in New Jersey. My mom was in insurance, and my dad owned a men's clothing store.

Before I was in my teens, I thought it would be cool to become a ventriloquist.

It turned out that this place sold props for ventriloquists was also a magic shop. So instead of walking out with a dummy, I ended up with a bag of tricks. I started doing little shows in my home town.

When I was 18 I got this part in a musical called "The Magic Man." I got to do my own illusions and sing. The longer the play ran, the more illusions I performed, and the less songs they wanted me to do. I guess I wasn't cut out to be a singer.

When the show closed, I starved in New York for a year, and my dad would slip me a few bucks to pay the heating bill. I sat in my apartment inventing magic, finding the right music, and staging routines. I knocked on a lot of doors and sent out a lot of video tapes. One day I got a phone call to be the host of a TV show. I was 19, and I couldn't believe it.

My first few specials were to music by Gershwin. My inspirations were Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. I though I was really cool. I wore big collars, shiny jackets, and a bad haircut.

On my fourth special, I wanted to go beyond the normal number. So I took that shiny jacket and that bad haircut and made an airplane disappear."

- David Copperfield

Famous for his abilities to combine amazingly breathtaking illusions with heart-warming story-telling, David Copperfield is known for his combinations of beautiful music, beautiful choregraphy, and beautiful lighting. And of course, lots of smoke, lots of wind, and lots of beautiful women J

Who is David Copperfield?? He is...
  • The man who made the Statue of Liberty disappear.
  • The man who walked through the Great Wall of China.
  • The man who can FLY.
  • The man who taught a university class at age 17.
  • The man who went over Niagra Falls and lived to tell about it.
  • The man who can teleport to anywhere in the blink of an eye.
  • The man who levitated then vanished the Orient Express.
  • The man who stood inside a F2 Tornado of Fire.
  • The man who escaped from an imploding building.
  • The man who can predict lottery numbers.
  • The man who levitated a Ferrari.
  • The man who escaped from Alcatraz.
  • The man who survived the Bermuda Triangle.
  • The man who makes random people disappear everyday.
  • The man who floated across the Grand Canyon.
  • The man who vanished a Lear Jet.
  • The man who uses magic to heal.
  • The man who created snow out of his bare hands.
  • The man who will make the moon disappear.

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