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What is the Coppermobile? Designed and created by a long-time David Copperfield fan, known in the fandom as "MagicMouse", the Coppermobile is a Peugeot Partner, in classic David Copperfield black and white colors, adorned with custom-designed and created, one-of-a-kind, David Copperfield decals.

"Unfortunately, I was not able to get other David Copperfield stickers to buy, so I had to design them myself!!" said MagicMouse. She spent hours designing the different decals using Adobe Photoshop, then sent the designs to an Internet company for them to create the decals. MagicMouse asked a friend to help apply the dacals, and he couldn't believe she wanted to do this to a new car :) But MagicMouse knew better...she knew that it would look cool, to have something on her car which shows that she likes the magic of David Copperfield! She also thought it would be a good idea to promote his work in this way, since the Copperfield World Tour will be in her town very soon.

MagicMouse now loves to drive in her Coppermobile while listening to music used by David Copperfield in his shows. "Can you imagine...driving around...listening to songs like "Crazy" by Seal...turn on the neon lights in the car...and having DC all over you, oh yeah... that makes me feel good!"

Haha, WAY TO GO MAGICMOUSE! You did an awesome job on the Coppermobile! So, for those of you who would like to check out the Coppermobile in more detail, click on a picture below to enlarge :)

** UPDATE **
David Copperfield has seen the Coppermobile!

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