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That's the typical email message I get nowadays after I posted the picture of those DVDs on my home page. So rather than replying to 20 emails a day all asking the same question, I thought I'd just put up this page to explain everything.

Starting early in 2005, I began a project to transfer all of my DC TV specials from VHS tapes to DVDs in order to preserve their quality. However, while transferring the tapes, I noticed that the quality on a lot of the specials have become so poor that transferring them to DVD is no longer worth it. So, I began looking for other DC fans around the world and started a trading "network" of people which grew to about 10 people at it's maximum point. We all began looking for better qualities of the specials we want to collect, and as each person found a special that was higher in quality than what he/she had before, he/she would share it with the rest of us.

So, eventually, through many many months of trading, I was finally able to complete the project in about early September of 2005 and throw out all of my VHS tapes of DC specials, and ended up with 20 DVDs of all 20 TV specials in quality that I am very happy with :)

Then, after a couple months of having those 20 DVDs started out just sitting on my desk in a pile of paper sleeves, I decided I wanted to create another small project to better display this collection and place them on my DVD shelf, and came up with the idea to have all 20 DVDs combine to form a single picture. I chose a picture to use as the background, measured out how far each DVD will need, and cut up the picture into 20 pieces, each with its own lable of the special on that particular DVD. I then bought 20 blank DVD cases, printed and cut out all 20 DVD covers, and the result is what you saw on my home page :)

Hope that answers all your questions! If you want anymore info, please EMAIL ME and do not post your questions in the Guestbook. Thanks :)

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