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Welcome to the Fan Music page. This is where David Copperfield fans can submit music or songs that they have written and/or performed that were inspired by, dedicated to, or related to David Copperfield.

If you have a Fan Music you wish to submit and have posted on this website, please let me know!

* NOTE: Each Fan Music is the property of the original artist, and copyrighted by the original artist.

** NOTE: All Fan Music are in MP3 format.

Original Artist Submitted Works
Claudia Ghouri
DavidSong1 min 00 sec
Magic EyesSong2 min 37 sec
The Magic of DavidSong3 min 27 sec
AnywaySong3 min 29 sec
Beyond ImaginationSong2 min 27 sec
DC RapSong2 min 37 sec

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