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Welcome to the Fan Writing page. This is where David Copperfield fans can submit their stories, novels, poetry, or any other literary work that is inspired by, dedicated to, or related to David Copperfield.

If you have a Fan Writing you wish to submit and have published on this website, please let me know!

* NOTE: Each Fan Writing is the property of its author, and copyrighted by its author. To contact the author about permission to use part or all of a particular Fan Writing, please click on the name of the author.

** NOTE: All Fan Writings are in PDF format. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here: Get Acrobat Reader

Author Submitted Works (in alphabetical order, grouped by author)
A TodoPoem1 PageFinished
BelieveShort Story2 PagesFinished
Burning HeartsShort Story9 PagesFinished
Dream WeaverShort Story2 PagesFinished
DreamscapesShort Story17 PagesFinished
Journey Of A LifetimeShort Story5 PagesFinished
NiagaraPoem1 PageFinished
One and the SamePoem1 PageFinished
The LegacyShort Story2 PagesFinished
The Magic of MagicPoem1 PageFinished
The Night to RememberShort Story6 PagesFinished
Thicker Than WaterShort Story11 PagesFinished
TimelessShort Story3 PagesFinished
MagicShort Story4 PagesFinished
Desert's PassionShort Story16 PagesIn Progress
Sensatiable Sin
Birthday PoemPoem1 PageFinished
DC Is The DreamerPoem1 PageFinished
In the Reflection of a MoonPoem1 PageFinshed
Poem for HimPoem1 PageFinshed
SnowPoem1 PageFinished
Statue Of LibertyPoem1 PageFinished
The Impossible Dream...Story185 PagesFinished
The VoyeurPoem1 PageFinished
Tornado Of FirePoem1 PageFinished

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