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For those of you who don't know, there exists an unofficial collection of David Copperfield-related items that is maintained by a woman named Angela. Throughout the years of her being a fan of David Copperfield, her collection has continuously grown by leaps and bounds. It has gotten so large, that those who have seen it have dubbed it as the Unofficial David Copperfield Archive (The UDCA). As her collection grew to include memorabilia from outside the U.S., The UDCA then became known as The UDCIA (The Unofficial David Copperfield International Archive).

This page is dedicated to The UDCIA. Angela, a.k.a. The UDCIA Keeper, has always been a tremendous supporter for and has provided countless information and pictures for my website. I feel it is the least I can do to dedicate a page to her amazing achievement as well, The UDCIA.

Here is Angela, in her own words, on how she started the UDCIA, what it contains, and how it changed her life…

The UDCIA wasn't always the UDCIA. In fact, it started out (in 1980) as a few clippings in a big manila envelope. As the years went on, the envelope got fuller until I decided to put the items into a scrapbook. I didn't have any other scrapbooks dedicated to any other celebrities then, even though that was a big year for pop music stars. I simply surrounded myself with magic, and specifically, with David's magic. It got me through many years of loneliness and abuse.

That scrapbook represented, to me, an ideal. If the man in those clippings could make amazing things happen in his life, then so could I, despite the ongoing abuse. One night, alone, and suicidal, David's TV show came on, and I watched it through tears, and then got out the scrapbook. I stopped thinking of suicide then, and never thought of it again. I stumbled through life, always making sure that the scrapbook went with me, and I held onto my dreams of a better future. In the early 90's, the abuse was finally behind me. I began attending live DC shows, which blew me away!! In 1994, I took my scrapbook with me, in hopes of getting it autographed. It was 98 pages at that time. After the show, I met David, and he DID sign it!

Not long after that, I was introduced to computers, and it was a whole new world. In 1996 I happened across a brand new website dedicated to David Copperfield (What a cool discovery!!). I began to make friends on the then message board, and a few years later, in 1999, was given an opportunity to meet some of those friends, who also admired David as I did. It was an amazing experience, and the scrapbook, of course, went with me. The friends I met there, dubbed my scrapbook, The UDCA, or The Unofficial David Copperfield Archive. It was then at 320 pages, and already almost too heavy to carry around. Since then, I have obtained hundreds of thousands of things, from rare Magic Man items, to things from all over the world, like Austria, Germany, China, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, France, and more, and of course from my U.S. friends.

The UDCIA is now bound in 14 volumes (and still growing!). It is well over 1,200 pages, and contains over 4,000 items, including articles, ads, flyers, photos, backstage passes, pins, postcards, pamphlets, and so much more.

David Copperfield collects magic ephemera for his museum, to immortalize magic history, and to preserve it. Well, I collect David Copperfield memorabilia for the same reason - to immortalize and preserve the Magic of David Copperfield, and to show unending gratitude to the man who, quite honestly, saved my life.

- Angela
The UDCIA Keeper

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