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The Today Show Gathering - July 2nd, 2003

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** Pictures with red borders are the ones where members from the Official David Copperfield Message Board have been identified, as well as a few people from David's team/crew and the Today Show.

See pictures WITHOUT names of board members

Wow, where do I begin...from the beginning of the day, I guess :)

5:00am I woke up, took a quick shower, stuffed all the t-shirts (200 of them) and signs (8 of them) into my car, and took off towards the Big Apple, Rockafeller Center :)
5:55am Arrived at Rockafellar Plaza. David and crew had already setup the stage outside, and were starting to rehearse the Slo-Mo Duck illusion. Chris Kenner saw me pull up and came to say hi. This was the first time I have ever met Chris in person! I told him that I had a few boxes of t-shirts and a few signs that I want to pass out to the crowd later, and asked if I can unload the boxes first so I can go park my car. So, Chris and another really nice guy from the crew helped me carry the boxes of shirts into the NBC building, and I drove off, ready to dish out mucho money to park in a Manhattan parking garage.
6:00am Came back, found Chris again, and he let me watch them go through the rehearsal process, which David went through about 3 times. The first time was done with an imaginary duck and imaginary bucket :) The 2nd and 3rd time, they went through the whole routine. While all this was going on, I looked around and saw a bunch of crew members whom I never met before - Reagan, Paul, and a lot of other people I don't know. Also saw Homer :)
6:30am Rehearsal ended. David and crew all went back into the NBC building. I didn't want to be in the way, so I stepped out of the camera crew area and walked towards the crowd that was gathering already on 48th Street. Once I got there, I found a few people from the official David Copperfield Message Board, so we all walked around through the little areas that NBC set up, and settled around the area where we knew David will be performing, and where the camera would be able to see us :)
6:40am As the crowd began to gather, we decided that it was a good time to start passing out the t-shirts and signs. As I went back into the building to get the shirts, several NBC security people stopped me, asked what I was carrying, looked in the boxes, took a few shirts for themselves, and let me go. Then another security personnel, then another, etc, etc. By the time I got all three boxes to the crowd area, I think it's safe to say that I was down to about 160 shirts :( But what can I do? So, I gave the board members each a t-shirt, and they were extremely helpful in helping me pass out the rest of the shirts to the crowd. We then pushed and shoved our way to the front to ask people to hold a couple of the signs we had, and taped a huge "We Love You David Copperfield" banner across the railing for David (and the camera) to see.
7:30am The supposed meeting time I posted and emailed everyone about. I stayed at the corner where I said we would meet, but I don't think anyone bothered to look for me, since they see the huge crowd gathered already, so whoever showed up, I'm sorry we ran out of shirts, and I hope you were able to get in and see David perfom at a good angle!
8:15am As the board members were chatting in the back of the crowd, where there were a lot more room to stand, 2 familiar faces walked passed us in the back. Mr. and Mrs. Kotkin :) David's mom and dad, still looking great as ever, walked around the back of the crowd, and was escorted around to in front of the stage, where they had 2 seats prepared for them to sit and wait for David to come out for the interview.
8:25am David emerges from the rotating doors of the NBC building, walks up on stage, and did a quick walk around the stage saying hi to the fans, taking notice of the signs, banner, and t-shirts :) :) :)
8:30am (Seen on Today Show) David had a short interview with Matt Lauer and Katie Curic. Mr. and Mrs. Kotkin are celebrating their 56th anniversary!!
8:35am David came around and signed autographs on the t-shirts for the crowd. Many screaming ladies and girls, lol.
8:45am (Seen on Today Show) As they cut into commercial, they showed David standing in front of our banner, signing t-shirts :)
8:48am (Seen on Today Show) David started the performance. Al Roker was chosen as the "bucket guy", lol. David did a great job, as always. Slo-Mo Kenner was just as funny as always, and made Webster pee on the audience, lol. Al Roker even did a pretty decent job of playing along with the slo-mo walk at the end :)
8:55am David's taping is all done, so he came around the crowd and signed more autographs and took some pictures with the crowd.
9:10am David came around to the side especially to greet the group of fans from the Official David Copperfield Message Board. He thanked all of us for the warm NY welcome, seemed really happy at the signs and t-shirts, and got a beautiful bunch of roses.
9:20am And so the David Copperfield morning ends :) I think it went pretty well overall. I was disappointed that we ran out of shirts so fast, and that a lot of the people who showed up according to my instructions were not able to get one. I'll learn from my mistakes and try to do a better job next time :)

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