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(Twin's Theory)

Flying (Twins' theory)

In an interview, a girl asked David Copperfield how he flies. David told her the truth, "I fly carefully!" In this section, I'll show you how "careful" his plan was. If you want to fly like David Copperfield did, print this page out and get everything ready, because I am going to reveal all of the detailed steps so that you can all easily follow along.

In order to perform this illusion, there are a couple of things you need to prepare. It is critically important that no substitution are to be used.

  1. A pair of shoes made of steel for David Copperfield.
  2. A couple of magnetic shoes for David's crew.
  3. A lot of garlic, as much as David can eat.
  4. Thousands of velcro straps that would stick to any fiber.
  5. A big steel platform the size of the stage.
  6. A specially made machine that can produce a specially-formulated chemical called GNS - Garlic Neutralizing Smoke ™, pronounced as "gans."
  7. A spaceship, its size must be exactly the same as the theater in which David decides to perform Flying.

If you have everything ready, you may now try it at home. I am going to tell you how to perform Flying step-by-step. If you have never taken any Physics classes before, contact any physics teacher at your local school when you face difficulties. The key word is "try." If you don't try it at home, everything I say will be meaningless.

Remember when David Copperfield said that he spent seven years to create this illusion? As a matter of fact, most of the time was spent waiting for aliens and the chance to steal their spaceship. David then hired workers to renovate both inside and outside the spaceship to make it look like a theater. They set the steel platform firmly on the stage and sewn velcro onto every seat in the audience. You at home still following me? Good! Now, you have finished half of the preparations. Let's move onto the next step.

One hour before the show, David's crew all put on the magnetic shoes so that they would stick to the steel platform on the stage while allowing them to move freely and walk naturally on stage. David, on the other hand, is required to put on a pair of steel shoes (explained later). If you mix up this pair of shoes with a pair magnetic shoes, you will NOT be able to do the illusion as David did, so be careful. One last thing you are required to do before the performance - eat as much garlic as you can. Do you want to do the famous Flying illusion as David Copperfield did? Yes, you do! So don't ask, and do exactly what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it.

When you've finished stuffing yourself with garlic, you're ready to fly. Here's the secret: Do you know why David performed Flying as a finale and not as an opener? It was because he could not perform this illusion until the spaceship has taken off secretly into outer space, where there were no gravity. The spaceship ascended so slowly, so steadily, that no one realized it at all. However, a witness who didn't want to reveal his name claimed that when he tried to open the emergency exit to sneak his girlfriend into the theater, "What the!?" he had shouted to himself.

When the spaceship almost reached outer space, it stopped, waiting for the right time to completely leave the atmosphere. When David finished all the other illusions, he brought some audience members on stage to watch on, and picked out a lady and a gentleman to examine his steel-framed tank. He then told the audience about his dreams, etc., nothing special…until he played the videos. At that time, the spaceship continues ascending into outer space. Of course, the theater had plenty of air pumped in for the audience to breathe. David's crew was wearing their magnetic shoes, attached to the big steel platform; the audience were stuck to their seats by velcro. When this step was timed perfectly, David would be the only weightless man.

How difficult do you think it is for a weightless man to fly, huh? "Extremely," if you have studied physics before. In a weightless state, it is hard for anyone to naturally control his/her movement since there is nothing for him/her to hold on. Now, let's apply some rules of nature. First, Newton's third law of motion: if an object A exerts an action force on another object B, then B exert an equal but opposite reaction force on A. That means if David gave out some air downward, the air would provide him a force to push himself back - upward. The force is not obvious in everyday life, but it allowed David to control his movement in weightless state. But where did he get so much gas? The garlic he had eaten. If you did follow my instructions and ate the garlic, you may find that it is pretty difficult to control the speed of the air going out. If you didn't, you probably wouldn't know what we are talking about. The white smoke around was not ordinary effect-smoke. They were GNS, so that the audience wouldn't smell anything.

Don't be disappointed if you cannot handle the gas at the first time. Try Chinese breathing exercise, it worked for me, and I am sure that it will work for you too. When you can handle the speed of the gas going out both by your mouth and your ass, then I can teach you how to do the "dance flying" David did rather than just fly straight up like a rocket. If you're laughing at this moment, hey, be serious to the greatest illusion in human history!

Here are some simple moves for you to practice:

  • Backward Spinning: In order to teach the skill of spinning, I have to explain the concept of "movement" in physics. Instead of using a definition, I'll explain it in my own words so that all of you can understand. If you push the top of a stick to the right and the bottom to the left, it spins clockwise. Therefore, when David gave out gas on top and at the bottom at the same time, he could do the backward spinning, just like how pinwheel fireworks spins when the sparks starts to shoot out.
  • Flying In the Tank: The ventilation wasn't good at all in there as there were no GNS inside the air-tight tank. David was pretending to be happy in there, but he had to tolerate his own gas. If his assistants were too slow to let him out, he would pass out.
  • Walking Upside-Down on the Top of the Tank: When one of a David's assistants climbed to the top of the tank, her shoes attracted David's, as hers were made of magnets and his were made of steels.
  • Bringing the Audience Along to Fly: Since the lady wore nothing, I mean, wore no magnetic shoes, she would float anyways. But since she didn't know that, she never tried, and one of a David's assistants was "resting" her hand on the lady's shoulder, but in reality the assistant was exerting a downward force keeping the audience member on the ground.

David's Flying performance was quite long. And at the very end, when he was out of gas, his eagle helped him out. Since David was weightless in space, it was pretty easy for the eagle to drag him along.

When it's all over, the audience stood up and applauded. The engineers must be good pilots because if the spaceship landed too fast, it would probably crash when it reached the ground; if it landed too slow, when the audience stood up, they would all probably still feel the aircraft in the middle of descent, and they would probably think, "Ah, it must be the magic of David Copperfield!" but then they would hit the ground a couple of seconds later.

It's not over yet. There was one last part - flying outside the theater. This part is the most difficult and dangerous part. The effect was that David kept talking when he walked out from the theater, then he flew away at the very end. In fact, his speech hid a subliminal message - "I stole your spaceship. Don't know how to install a security system? Hahaha! Intelligent creatures? Not you! Hahaha!" When he said that, he finally got the attention of the aliens that had been looking for their spaceship. They were in another spaceship, and sucked David Copperfield inside, but from our view, it looked like David flew away. The show was over, but David was also kidnapped. But don't worry, because he still kept a small amount of gas in his body.

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