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Passion's Prison
(TKO's Theory)

Sensual, seductive, incredibly fast, breathtaking, and Davidless.

Yes, Davidless...the entire illusion was done without David at all!

The illusion starts out with Assistant#1 being dressed up to look like David. She stands on the platform, brings down Assistant#2, and they dance on the platform for a while. Then Assistant#2 ties Assistant#1 into the sheets, and raises the fake David into the air.

At this time, the Assistant#1 undresses her costume inside the sheets, and Assistant#2 picks up some sheets from the platform. When she drops it onto the platform and readies herself, a duplicate set of the David Copperfield costume rolls out of the sheets and falls onto the platform.

As soon as Assistant #2 tosses the sheets over her head, she instantaneously jumps into the "David Suit" and pulls it up over her head, completing the costume change. Within a second, the now fake David grabs the sheets in midair, and throws it off the platform.

The fake David then motions for the the sheets in the air to open up, and lo and behold, Assistant#1 already took off her David costume, so everone sees a beautiful woman, and thinks they instantaneously switched places.

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