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Vanishing the Statue of Liberty
(Twin's Theory)

This should be categorized under optical illusions of stage magic. David Copperfield made a huge magnifying glass. Its width and height was exactly the same as the gap between the towers because it was placed between them. Another way to say that, it was the same size as the big white curtain, which was used to block the view of the Statue of Liberty.

The magnifying glass was so expensive since it was not just enormous, it also needed to be totally transparent so that no one realizes it was there. Its magnifying power was very unbelievably high too. That's why David Copperfield was the one who vanished the Statue of Liberty - only he could afford the payments.

Now that we have the tools, let's move on to the second part, it is also very important - the actress!

Before I tell you the secret, let me ask you a question...have you ever asked why David chose the Statue of Liberty, not aother monument or building? Yes, the secret is there. Some of you at home may have already figured out why he needed that powerful magnifying glass. The Statue of Liberty on the other side was not the real statue. It was feigned by one of David's crew - a girl who dressed exactly the same as the Statue of Liberty, held a book and a torch, looked at the sky, and painted in green of course.

She couldn't move during the performance or everything would be messed up. Everytime she thought of moving a little bit, she would probably remember the training David gave her. The training is like this: when she had been practicing, if she moved, David would reduce her salary by U.S.$100 for every single mm. After three months, she finally became the "stillest" human in the world.

However, no matter how still she was, she actually moved a little bit...check this out...When the curtains went up, she immediately crouched, so that when the curtains dropped - THE STATUE HAD VANISHED! When the curtain went up again, she saw the signal, and she stood up, and the when the curtains dropped, the Statue is back. The helicopters were just used as misdirection, so that you won't see the head of the girl when she was crouching.

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